Twisted Intent Haunted Attraction


The home of Twisted Intent (formerly Torture Chamber) resides at The Warehouse off Edison in Benton at, 706 Center St. This 6 ½ acre 72,000 sq ft facility has housed the Torture Chamber in the past and will now start the expansion into new realms of fear as a multi-theme attraction created by the TWISTED INTENT of its creator. The Warehouse off Edison has had its share of death and dismemberment over the last 60 yrs as a veneer manufacturing plant, the last death occurring in 2014 a year prior to The Torture Chamber moving here. As a result of ongoing issues and reoccurring phenomena the Veneer facility shut down and moved to Michigan for the safety of its employees and the surrounding residents. 2018 will be the 13th year as The Torture Chamber and now Twisted Intent grow deeper and deeper into your greatest fears.